Week 1- August 1st

Australian Aboriginal Art

Dr Valery Vinogradovs

The word “aesthetics” is often associated with the cosmetics industry, or the art of plastic surgery. But there is more to it: aesthetics is an old field of philosophical inquiry and practice, albeit one that has struggled to earn an independent and stable cultural niche, particularly in recent times, in spite of its significant role throughout Antiquity and the Enlightenment. Often, aesthetics now serves as an interpretative tool at the disposal of other academic disciplines, like film studies, literature, politics and ethics. What a shame!

Contemporary aesthetics, like any academic discipline nowadays, generates a great deal of mumbo-jumbo, making sense to only a handful people on our planet. However, some current research in aesthetics is extremely interesting and relevant to our everyday experiences, activities and choices are concerned.

This course offers an introduction to several key problems in contemporary aesthetic education over four weeks, beginning this Thursday, 1 August. We will use aesthetics to meaningfully engage with some of the substantive cultural shifts in our understanding of ourselves and our role in the world that have taken place in the last century, including an interest in Aboriginal art and traditions, a concern with our environment, and the captivating realities of our embodied minds.

Aesthetic literacy isn’t ‘high cultural icing’, but an essential element to our well-being as individuals and a good society.

This course is being convened by Dr Valery Vinogradovs who is a philosopher. At the moment, his thinking, teaching, writing and education design activities spotlight local values and culture.

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Time:       6.30pm-8.00pm

                                                               Location: The Alderman (upstairs) 134 Lygon St, East Brunswick

              Format:   45 minute conversation,

                                 45 minute open discussion