The Mainstreaming of the Far Right and the Populist Hype

11 July


Dr. Aurelien Mondon

This talk will explore the way the far right threat has been constructed and hyped and how terms such as ‘populism’ have served to both euphemise the threat of racism and exaggerate the appeal of such politics at the expense of other alternatives. By focusing predominantly on the UK and the US, and Trump and Brexit in particular, Aurelien will challenge narratives which have portrayed the rise of the far right as popular revolts. He will explore the discourse around these elections, the skewed selection of data, and the uses and misuses of ‘the people’ — and the working class in particular — as responsible for the resurgence of racism, and he will deconstruct those arguments and their implications. This will allow us to explore in a more critical manner the ideological underpinning of our racist systems and their intricate relationship with liberalism. 
Dr Aurelien Mondon was one of the co-founders and original convenors of the Melbourne Free University in 2009. He is now a Senior Lecturer at the University of Bath in the UK, where he works on various project related to liberal and illiberal articulations of racism and right-wing populism, and their impact on liberal democracies.





Time:       6.30pm-8.00pm

Location: The Alderman (upstairs)

                134 Lygon St, East Brunswick

Format:   45 minute conversation,

               45 minute open discussion