Queers Read This! The Queer Nation Manifesto

29 August

Jess Ison

At the 1990 New York Pride Parade a group of anonymous activists handed out the manifesto Queers Read This! The manifesto was at turns angry at straight society, exasperated by the response to the AIDS crisis, and incensed by the increasing homonormative agenda of many gay activists. It demanded that straights responds to the brutality that queers faced but more than just this, it was a heavy indictment on the prevailing norms of racism, misogyny and homophobia.

As a response to the society, they demanded that queers march naked, scream louder and take up public space, in short, that queers bash against a society which despised those outside the norms of gender and sexuality. While today some of the historical context is no longer relevant, many of the demands might yet hold true. In this next instalment of the MFU’s manifesto series, we will read Queers Read This! And discuss what we might take from it today.

Check out the flyer here and share it around!

Jess Ison is a PhD candidate and casual academic on Wurundjeri land at La Trobe University. Jess’ research looks at the intersections of queer theory and animal studies. Most nights Jess can be found ranting about prison abolition, high heels and queer liberation.

Time:       6.30pm-8.00pm

Location: The Alderman (upstairs)

                134 Lygon St, East Brunswick

Format:   45 minute conversation,

               45 minute open discussion